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Satisfaction surveys from InfoQuest will revolutionise your business

We are InfoQuest CRM, with over two decades of experience in delivering satisfaction surveys with phenomenal results every time. With average worldwide response rates of over 70%, we are the leaders in the field of delivering these surveys. Our innovative system, aimed at hard-to-reach decision makers, can provide essential information that companies can use to improve their business. Helping our clientele from the start of the survey, through to a complete post-survey workshop designed to get you working on the results, our team are the best for delivering these often-difficult surveys.

customer-satisfaction-surveys.jpgInfoQuest specialises in providing tailored surveys that reach customer and deliver actionable feedback. Our concept is simple; by following our guidelines and our guidance throughout the creation of your survey, you can be assured that the effort put in won’t be wasted on garnering unusable results. We offer you the option of posing up to and including 60 questions and statements, with attributed feedback being received upon completion of the survey. This allows you to find who said what, and how you can improve the relationship between yourself and your customers. Formed from our extensive library of questions, or designed with you and your company in mind, the survey will get you the high response rate that you need.

After the survey, we will spend an entire day with you to ensure you can build an action plan on what to do to improve your business with the information we have uncovered. Our satisfaction surveys are a more direct way of improving sales and profitability, and should not be ignored. You can follow up each survey with continuous improvement programmes to spearhead your business and reap the rewards.

To get started and begin improving your business, contact InfoQuest by telephone at 01484 868390. Alternatively, visit http://www.infoquestcrm.co.uk/contact and complete the form we have provided.

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