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Customer Surveys can help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement

InfoQuest’s aim is to help you to develop your relationship with customers and improve how they perceive you. Established in 1989, we supply business to business customer satisfaction surveys to companies all around the world, including working with some of the largest manufacturers and retailers. Whilst many surveys tend to be ignored, we have an average response rate of 70% and have a fantastic record of reaching key clients. We have conducted surveys in over 25 languages in more than a 100 countries. Satisfaction surveys play a major part in business because they let you learn what customers think about you. In B2B this is essential because of the relatively small number of clients most companies have. Keeping your existing customers happy and building loyal, mutually beneficial partnerships is the best way to make your business successful.

Surveys can come in many different guises, from short telephone calls to large questionnaires. Unfortunately, in B2B it can be very difficult to reach your important customers to obtain their feedback. Highly placed individuals and people working in locations scattered around the world can be very difficult to reach. Luckily, at InfoQuest we have a unique approach and contact your clients personally to ensure they are willing to take part in the survey. We take care to track down each customer and make sure the details you have for them are accurate. Many times we have encountered companies struggling to get responses because they lack up to date information about their customers.

Our high response rate is based on our ability to reach your clients and the unique box method we use. Telephone and normal questionnaires are easy to ignore but our box is different; it is a fun, engaging way to gather feedback. Rather than being another job added to the pile, it stands out and can give you a few minutes to unwind at the end of a busy day. Many of the people we have surveyed have remarked on how enjoyable the survey was to take part in. At InfoQuest we will be happy to hear from you and advise you in any way we can. To get in touch please call us on: +44 (0)1484 868390 or email us at: When it comes to B2B customer satisfaction surveys we are the most accomplished provider in the world.

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Reaching key clients is essential in B2B marketing

Business to business (B2B) is all about relationships between enterprises. The small number of clients these types of businesses typically have mean building strong partnerships with companies is the best way to protect your interests. You need to show customers that they are important to you and take their opinions into account. Asking them how they feel about your business and what you can do to improve is a great way to build a strong foundation. It also helps to show them how their feedback is used and the importance you place in their satisfaction.

Finding out what each client thinks can be very difficult. Many of the customers in B2B relationships are highly placed individuals who are very difficult to contact. It is also likely that your customers will include several people from the same organisation. In many cases you will discover that the contact details you have are inaccurate and outdated. This makes it difficult to get in touch with clients to find out their opinions.

logoAt InfoQuest we specialise in conducting B2B customer satisfaction surveys. Contacting hard to reach clients is one of our main priorities. We have earned some fantastic success thanks to the unique method we use and our persistence at reaching your customers. Before conducting a survey we contact all of your clients to ask them if they are willing to participate. This initial correspondence lets us update your information and ensure you have the right names, job titles and contact details for your customers. The last thing you want is to try to send a survey out and offend the client by getting their information wrong.

InfoQuest is renowned in the B2B industry for our approach to customer satisfaction surveys. We do all we can to reach your clients and get them to participate in the survey. Over the years we have contacted businesses and individuals all around the world and have enjoyed great success contacting hard to reach customers. Our average response rate is consistently over 70% because of the amount of effort we put into reaching your clients.

If you want to reach your key customers and get their opinions about your business InfoQuest is the company for you. We are 100% committed to you and have the reputation to prove it. The array of companies we have worked with and the return on investment we have delivered show how good we are at what we do. To learn more why not give us a call? You can discuss your needs with us at 01484 868390.


Attributed feedback is one of the three foundations of InfoQuest surveys

Attributed feedback is the process of defining who gave which response. Normally the results of a survey will see you presented with a mass of statistics rather than useful data attributed to customers. In a B2B setting this kind of information is not really useful in making important changes to the business. The small number of clients can produce data with poorly plotted averages that can be misleading and damaging. It also leaves you missing the opinions of important customers.

In B2B having a small customer base can easily be turned into an advantage if you attribute feedback and build a strong relationship with important clients. Normally in this instance your customers will include several people from various departments within the same organisation. Responses for different departments can be hugely different because they have different criteria to work from. For example, the director of finance will look at the cost of your items whilst the head of operations will be more focused on functionality. Learning all of the different opinions can help you provide a better service.

logoNormally with customer satisfaction surveys it is nearly impossible to attribute feedback to each individual within the organisation. At InfoQuest we use our special box method and assign responses to the individuals who actually made them. Our approach is incredibly simple but super effective and has provided our clients with useful information that produces real value for their company. We even offer a 10:1 return on investment guarantee. When we report back if you don’t form a plan that can produce great returns we will refund the cost of the survey.

At InfoQuest attributing feedback is one of the three foundations of our service, along with high response rates and asking a large number of questions. Our commitment to these three factors has seen us enjoy huge success and become renowned as the leading provider of customer satisfaction surveys in the world.

customer-satisfaction-surveys.jpgWe enjoy working with clients to form the perfect survey, letting them choose their questions from a huge library of statements or add their own unique ones. By working in close cooperation with InfoQuest you create the best survey and build a great relationship with clients.

If you have any questions about what we offer please feel free to get in touch; we are always happy to provide answers for you. We recommend calling us personally at 01484 868 395.

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Satisfaction surveys from InfoQuest will revolutionise your business

We are InfoQuest CRM, with over two decades of experience in delivering satisfaction surveys with phenomenal results every time. With average worldwide response rates of over 70%, we are the leaders in the field of delivering these surveys. Our innovative system, aimed at hard-to-reach decision makers, can provide essential information that companies can use to improve their business. Helping our clientele from the start of the survey, through to a complete post-survey workshop designed to get you working on the results, our team are the best for delivering these often-difficult surveys.

customer-satisfaction-surveys.jpgInfoQuest specialises in providing tailored surveys that reach customer and deliver actionable feedback. Our concept is simple; by following our guidelines and our guidance throughout the creation of your survey, you can be assured that the effort put in won’t be wasted on garnering unusable results. We offer you the option of posing up to and including 60 questions and statements, with attributed feedback being received upon completion of the survey. This allows you to find who said what, and how you can improve the relationship between yourself and your customers. Formed from our extensive library of questions, or designed with you and your company in mind, the survey will get you the high response rate that you need.

After the survey, we will spend an entire day with you to ensure you can build an action plan on what to do to improve your business with the information we have uncovered. Our satisfaction surveys are a more direct way of improving sales and profitability, and should not be ignored. You can follow up each survey with continuous improvement programmes to spearhead your business and reap the rewards.

To get started and begin improving your business, contact InfoQuest by telephone at 01484 868390. Alternatively, visit and complete the form we have provided.


Knowing your Customers

I have been the UK MD of InfoQuest for eleven years now. InfoQuest specialises in B2B customer satisfaction surveys for medium and large businesses. We encourage our clients to choose their most important customers for the survey process – through a mix of revenue, profitability and potential additional sales – which would typically be “looked after” by Key Account Managers (KAMs).

We would expect KAMs to have a maximum of 25 accounts – any more and the relationships would be diluted to less than meaningful.

Before we send out our “survey in a box”, we validate the customer list that our client has given us by telephoning the customers. In the ‘phone call we check three things: –

1. Have they received a letter from our client introducing and explaining the survey?

2. Are they willing to take part in this exercise? And

3. Have we got the correct contact details – spelling of their name, job title and mailing address?

The arguments for this being a simple and straightforward task are strong: –

  • This is a list of the client’s most valuable asset.
  • Everyone has a CRM system of one sort or another, so the data should be there.
  • It’s the KAM’s lifeblood to know who’s who at the customers.

So why is it that I’ve yet to see an entirely accurate customer list?

Or, put it another way, 90% of the customer lists that I see are faulty by at least one record in every five [“faulty” could mean Dr instead of Mr; Mr instead of Mrs (!); Jim instead of James; Caldwell instead of Coldwell; wrong or missing job titles; and wrong postal addresses].

As a business person, what do you feel about this?

John Coldwell

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I have just been made to lie by a court official ….

I have just been made to lie by a court official and I’m feeling quite angry about it. I was in two minds whether to blog or not, but this goes way beyond customer satisfaction and into the realms of disgust with the English legal system.

My mother died in December and I’m an executor. In order that the estate can be settled I need to be granted an “order of probate” by Her Majesty’s Court – Probate division.

For this I went to the Probate office in Leeds for a 10-minute meeting (cost of probate – £70) where all I had to do was sign a statement and swear an oath.

The statement was simple – less than a page long. Now, I’m not thick, but there were two paragraphs on this statement that I didn’t understand and I asked the clerk to explain them to me, which she did.

Haven’t we had a Plain English Campaign running in this country for years and years? And how many thousands of people sign the same declaration up and down the country every week without really understanding it?

Then I had the cheek to ask for a photocopy of what I’d just signed – oh no, that wasn’t possible!

Then I was handed a copy of the New Testament and asked to read an oath. Not being particularly religious (and ignoring the assumption made by the clerk that the New Testament would be OK) I asked if I could simply affirm.

The clerk then made handwritten changes to the statement I had made, to the effect that I was affirming and not swearing an oath.

Then I was given the script I had to read aloud in order to make the said affirmation. In it it referred to my handwriting (this document, in my handwriting blah blah). The damned thing was typed. I had signed it, but it was her handwriting for the amendments and not mine – so I ad lib ‘ed when I read it out and that got the clerk cross. She insisted that I had to lie; otherwise I couldn’t get probate (I think, technically, this could be called blackmail).

One question is, why is the system so sloppy and rotten? Another question is, is it just me?

John Coldwell

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Last week a young man called from our telecomms provider, introducing himself as our account manager. He already had my email address and said that he would be sending over his contact details together with news about how they [the telecomms provider] from now on would be checking our bill every month to make sure that we were on the best tariff. He also enquired about our land lines (supplied by another firm) and said that he’d put a bid together to win that business from us, and would ring back on Friday.

I’d been satisfied with the service we’d been getting, but this young man had just raised the bar; he’d set new expectations and I was, if not “excited”, at least interested.

What happened then? Well, actually, nothing happened. I don’t even remember his name, so I can’t even call back. And I’m disappointed.

You could plot my emotions and subsequent satisfaction levels on a chart.

This young man has been employed, probably a no small cost, to do a job. And the net outcome is the reverse of that objective.

Which brings me on to B2B customer satisfaction surveys.

If you are planning to carry out a customer satisfaction survey just stop for a minute. Think about what you and your senior team (yes, everyone; from finance, operations, logistics and technical support as well as sales and customer service) are going to do afterwards. Is this just an exercise, something that needs to be done in order to get a tick in the box for your Quality Assurance Certificate? Or a “good idea” that has come down from the parent company? And do you feel that your company is lacking the wherewithal, the resources and the driving ambition to do something once the results come in?

Please be honest about this. If the answer is “Yes” then please, don’t do a survey.

If you do run a survey then you are raising the bar with your customers – setting an expectation that you will listen to them and then act on their feedback. Once you’ve set the expectation then the result will never be neutral, and doing nothing on the back of the feedback will have a negative impact on your satisfaction levels which, in turn, will impact your top and bottom lines.

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