Customer Surveys can help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement

InfoQuest’s aim is to help you to develop your relationship with customers and improve how they perceive you. Established in 1989, we supply business to business customer satisfaction surveys to companies all around the world, including working with some of the largest manufacturers and retailers. Whilst many surveys tend to be ignored, we have an average response rate of 70% and have a fantastic record of reaching key clients. We have conducted surveys in over 25 languages in more than a 100 countries. Satisfaction surveys play a major part in business because they let you learn what customers think about you. In B2B this is essential because of the relatively small number of clients most companies have. Keeping your existing customers happy and building loyal, mutually beneficial partnerships is the best way to make your business successful.

Surveys can come in many different guises, from short telephone calls to large questionnaires. Unfortunately, in B2B it can be very difficult to reach your important customers to obtain their feedback. Highly placed individuals and people working in locations scattered around the world can be very difficult to reach. Luckily, at InfoQuest we have a unique approach and contact your clients personally to ensure they are willing to take part in the survey. We take care to track down each customer and make sure the details you have for them are accurate. Many times we have encountered companies struggling to get responses because they lack up to date information about their customers.

Our high response rate is based on our ability to reach your clients and the unique box method we use. Telephone and normal questionnaires are easy to ignore but our box is different; it is a fun, engaging way to gather feedback. Rather than being another job added to the pile, it stands out and can give you a few minutes to unwind at the end of a busy day. Many of the people we have surveyed have remarked on how enjoyable the survey was to take part in. At InfoQuest we will be happy to hear from you and advise you in any way we can. To get in touch please call us on: +44 (0)1484 868390 or email us at: When it comes to B2B customer satisfaction surveys we are the most accomplished provider in the world.

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