Reaching key clients is essential in B2B marketing

Business to business (B2B) is all about relationships between enterprises. The small number of clients these types of businesses typically have mean building strong partnerships with companies is the best way to protect your interests. You need to show customers that they are important to you and take their opinions into account. Asking them how they feel about your business and what you can do to improve is a great way to build a strong foundation. It also helps to show them how their feedback is used and the importance you place in their satisfaction.

Finding out what each client thinks can be very difficult. Many of the customers in B2B relationships are highly placed individuals who are very difficult to contact. It is also likely that your customers will include several people from the same organisation. In many cases you will discover that the contact details you have are inaccurate and outdated. This makes it difficult to get in touch with clients to find out their opinions.

logoAt InfoQuest we specialise in conducting B2B customer satisfaction surveys. Contacting hard to reach clients is one of our main priorities. We have earned some fantastic success thanks to the unique method we use and our persistence at reaching your customers. Before conducting a survey we contact all of your clients to ask them if they are willing to participate. This initial correspondence lets us update your information and ensure you have the right names, job titles and contact details for your customers. The last thing you want is to try to send a survey out and offend the client by getting their information wrong.

InfoQuest is renowned in the B2B industry for our approach to customer satisfaction surveys. We do all we can to reach your clients and get them to participate in the survey. Over the years we have contacted businesses and individuals all around the world and have enjoyed great success contacting hard to reach customers. Our average response rate is consistently over 70% because of the amount of effort we put into reaching your clients.

If you want to reach your key customers and get their opinions about your business InfoQuest is the company for you. We are 100% committed to you and have the reputation to prove it. The array of companies we have worked with and the return on investment we have delivered show how good we are at what we do. To learn more why not give us a call? You can discuss your needs with us at 01484 868390.


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